Imagine a single website that contained instant access to over 365+ types of services, the types of services used every day by the Oil and Gas Industry and a website that contained thousands of projects. Perhaps the two should meet?

Imagine that you could not only find services you need quickly but that you could find the services CLOSEST to you, the ones that can assist you soonest and that may cost thousands less to employ.

Then you can find Projects close to your Assets!

What if you could show all of your Clients PRECISELY where your Assets are right this minute and for the next 12 months?

Do you have a business in a strategic location offering key services that no one KNOWS ABOUT?

Fos.findoilservices.com can help you easily and cost effectively achieve all of these goals and more, it will simply be the most effective Sales and Marketing tool available while also being an invaluable Project Management and cost reduction tool.

Use findoilservices.com to show the world where you and your assets are and what they can do for you, the closer you are to the work the lower your price can be.


The system will go live May 9th, 2015, BE FOUND!

Who will use the System?
How to add Assets to our System
Register on the site?
What does it all cost?
The advantage of joining early!

Using this system will simply save Project Managers time and lower their costs and it will help Service Providers to very inexpensively advertise their businesses and the location of their assets to those that it matters MOST TO!