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Both our Marketing and System sites are already receiving large numbers of visitors and this is just the beginning. We will be contacting and inviting over 50,000 Oil and Gas professionals in Western Canada alone.

The average user will be: a senior Oil and Gas Professional as this is who our system is designed for.
We have a large sales and marketing team that will be continuously contacting and adding new Clients and making contacts.

Our first market is the Oil and Gas Industry of Western Canada, next up is Eastern Canada then the US invasion begins.

We have several opportunities to place banner ads on our site and we are open to any interesting proposals.

You can be featured in the following locations:

Marketing Website, Banner Ad
FOS System site,

  • Banner Ads, Rotational and Spatial
  • Search Results, Key Words
  • Users websites via our Portal
  • Welcome Screen

Bring us your ideas.
Our Banner Ads come in 2 sizes:

  • 906 x 161 pixels
  • 340 x 280 pixels

We can also create your ads if you like and we can get you a great website created also with a shiny new Logo!
To get a cost check here or please contact one of our Sales Team and we will take care of you from start to finish.

Who will use the System?
How to add Assets to our System
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The advantage of joining early!

Using this system will simply save Project Managers time and lower their costs and it will help Service Providers to very inexpensively display their wares to the world.