911 Response – One of our planned system upgrades is a 911 button to assist our Users in the event of an emergency.  More will be released when this upgrade is completed. Below are icons for 911 Emergency Response:

911 Response for Base(s) bases-emergency
911 Response for Dynamic Asset (DA) dynamic-asset-emergency

Ads Page – is a full page Word doc or pdf description of your Company that will automatically appear whenever a User clicks on your Base.  This document can be full of pictures and whatever you wish to promote and it can be continuously updated as your company evolves. Link here to create an “Ads Page”.

AFE creation – One of our planned system upgrades will be the ability to generate AFE’s by using our “Search” function into an Excel format, The “FOS System” is designed to allow Project Managers to plan in advance very precisely to save Time and Money!

Approved Vendors List – This feature is one of our planned system upgrades that will allow Users to highlight on the public map all of the Service Providers or Vendors that have been vetted by their company.  This will be of great assistance to all of those Project Managers who needs to rank the most appropriate and approved Vendor.

Badges – One of our system upgrades will be “Badges”.  A badge is your company icon or any “Custom Icon” that you wish to create at 50% size of our standard icon.  These Badges or Icons will be placed only within your “Portal” at every location where your Products and Services are found.  Badges could also be used by Project Managers.  This allows you to show the world in every location where your products and services are.

See example here – Sanjel Company Badge:

hq-sc-bases-sit-1.25-cm-x-1.25-cm old

Banner Ads, Rotational – To submit a Banner ad to us for display simply click on one of the Blank Ads at the top of the system page and it will open onto an Order Form, or order it here.  To get an ad created simply complete the Order Form and submit it and we will add your Ad to the system.  The Rotational ads just continuously roll at the top of the page in a continuous loop.  Each Banner Ad will be featured a minimum of 120 times per day.  Banner ads will allow the viewer to click on them and to be linked to your website or to your Portal.  Our Banner Ad team can design your ad for you if you like.

Banner Ads, Spatial– To submit a Banner ad to us for display simply click on one of the Blank Ads at the top of the system page and it will open onto an Order Form, simply complete the Order Form and submit it and we will add your Ad to the system. Unlike rotational ads, Spatial ads change when the map moves.  We have divided the map into area and when the map is centered in a certain area then Ads relevant to that area are featured.  So an advertiser would tie a spatial banner ad to their location.

Base(s) – Are also referred as Static Business Location. It is a place where you conduct operations within (such as a repair shop, store, hotel, restaurant) or around where “Dynamic Assets” are based out of.  Once you set up a Base then you can add Dynamic Assets to that Base.
A Base can also be a field office of a Producer where area projects are managed from.
Both Service Provider and Producer companies may have several Bases and each Base should be placed on the public map so that Users can find them.
When setting up a Base you must choose the most effective “Level of Service” (Basic, Mid-level and Full) that fits your company’s needs.  The Level of Service controls what information should displayed when a User click on your Base.  Please take note that each Base can have a different Level of Service associated with it and it helps you choose the level that meets your needs.

Additionally, for each Base you must assign the relevant “Service Categories” and being listed in a Service Category ensures that you are found in a search and then enter the information that the system requests.  Setting up a base might take 2 minutes in our system for information on that please see our “How To” link.

See example of Base icon here:


Base: Basic – This is our least costly level.  When you choose the Basic Level you can add 4 pieces of information about your Base and 1 “Service Category” is included.  After choosing the Level of Service, the system will prompt you for all of the information that you need to add.

You can add additional Service Categories to your Base if you offer more than 1 service from that base and of course you can add an unlimited number of Dynamic Assets associated with the Base.

Base: Mid-level – This is our Intermediate level, choosing this level allows you to add:

•    Your company website
•    1 additional Service Category

You may also add additional Service Category to this Base level and of course you can add an unlimited number of Dynamic Assets associated with the Base.

Base: Full – This is our highest and most valued level, choosing this Full level allows you to add:

•    The ability to display an “Ads Page” when a user clicks on your Base.
•    1 additional Service Category is included.
•    Additional Service Categories are less expensive to add.
•    Double the contact information is allowed to be associated with your Base and the associated Service Categories.

You may also add additional Service Category to this Base level and of course you can add an unlimited number of Dynamic Assets associated with the Base.

This level of Base offers the greatest value for your Marketing dollar.

Buy & Sell – One of our planned upgrades for the future is a Buy and Sell Module where using the map or your Portal you can list all of your assets that that are for sale and show where they are and you can add photos & videos of the assets.

Calendar – Our Calendar is a powerful tool that is essential in managing your Operations on the FOS system. Time Management is best defined as “getting the most out of your sales” for Service Providers the Calendar will serve as the Planner of your business operations; getting things organized and hassle free. For Project Managers the Calendar on the FOS system will be your Virtual Secretary online as it reminds in setting up your targets on time and knowing your activities in every day, as much as projects are concerned. It is developed to be responsive in any device.

The Calendar allows you to instantly schedule and to locate your Dynamic Assets and Bases where and when they have a job or an appointment.

Using the Calendar your Operations and Sales Team can see exactly what assets are doing where and when they can plan and respond accordingly.

The Calendar is an invaluable tool of the FOS System that will keep your account organized. As you save Time and Money, then you can focus on getting your project done fast and easily.

Company Logo – Your company logo can be turned into a “Custom Icon” and featured in our System and on your portal where ever your assets or services are found.

Should you not need a Custom Icon the system will automatically provide you with one of the 8 default Icons set, created for our Service Categories.

To order a Custom Icon please link here.

See example of customized Company Logo:

a.) Sanjel Company hq-sc-bases-sit-1.25-cm-x-1.25-cm old
b.) Frac Notice Team fraclogo

Cost – The system has a series of different costs allowing the Users to customize their setup to serve them cost effectively.  Both the Bases and the Dynamic Assets have 3 levels of associated costs.

The system has a low cost and a high rate of return on your investment here.  Imagine that you can feature a $ 500,000.00 asset for $ 49.00 per month.  The system will find you more jobs and will lower your Project costs while also serving at the most viable Sales and Marketing platform yet invented for the Oil and Gas Industry.  The system will pay for itself many times over.  To see our current cost schedule please link here.

Custom Icon – Differentiate your company from the rest of the competitors by creating your own custom Icon set.  Custom Icons will consist of a Base, Dynamic Asset – Present, Dynamic Asset – Future icon set.

You can tell us how to create your icon and Custom Icons are 25% bigger than default icons.  Carry your brand over to the FOS system.  To order your Custom Icon link here.

Shown here are sample Set of Existing Custom Icons:

Be unique and different from the rest of your competitors on the public map. Customize your company icon and be found easily on every search.

Dashboard – The system features 2 Dashboards; Project Manager and Service Provider.  From the Dashboard the User makes the system work for them. It is map based suitable to use by the people from the Oil and Gas Industry. To be part of the dashboard, projects of every Project Managers and services of the Service Providers should be registered on the system. Headquarters, Bases and Dynamic assets of every Provider are also relevant to all active projects on the map. Please take note that all users can access both Dashboards however there will be on a default setting for the user when they create an account.

Your account will have ability to access every project on the public map, ancillary to the Level of Service you chose.

Dynamic Assets (DA) – are also referred to as Mobile Assets. These are assets that move and that are associated or linked to Base(s) and that may be serviced at Base.  As Dynamic Assets move, constantly, we have created 2 different icons to show them.

See example Below:

Dynamic Asset Existing/situated    svc dyn asst situ 1 cm x 1 cm v2

Dynamic Asset Moving            svc dyn asst moving 1 cm x 1 cm v2

1st customized icon shows the PRESENT or current location ( legends-icons-DYNAMIC-ASSETS-NOW ) and the

2nd customized icon shows the FUTURE location ( legends-icons-DYNAMIC-ASSETS-FUTURE ) of the asset.

In the future we will be able to show your assets moving on the map. As you move and change location; our system helps your service to be found easily by the Project Managers who has active projects on the public map. An Asset can have up to 50 future locations on the map showing where and when that asset will be in the future if you select the FULL level of service.

When you create a DA in the system you have to choose from 3 levels of service; Basic/Mid-level/Full.  Each DA can have a different level, please choose the one that suits your needs.  Each DA also needs at least 1 Service Category attached to it, so that the asset can be found when searched.

DA: Basic – When you select the Basic Level of Service for the DA in the set up you are allowed to attach 4 unique pieces of information to that Asset.  The system will prompt you toad all of the data needed.

Basic level DA’s have 1 associated Service Category included but a 2nd one can be added along with additional contact data.

Basic level DA can only be located in 1 location at a time.

DA: Mid-level – This is our intermediate level, choosing this level allows you to add:

• 4 more FUTURE locations for your DA, show the world where your assets will be!
• 1 more contact data set can be added to the asset.

You can also add additional Service Category to the Asset.

DA: Full level – This is our highest and most valued level, choosing this level allows you to add:

• Up to 45 more future locations for the Asset all easily managed by the Calendar.
• A picture of the Asset can be added to the Icon.

You can also add additional Service Category to the Asset.  This is our most effective level allowing Users to receive the greatest exposure of your assets!

Default Icons: Projects – The FOS system has 7 types of Project:

1. Drilling 1
2. Completions 2
3. Facilities 3
4. Production 4
5. Others proj others 1 cm x 1 cm v2
6. Water legends-icons-WATER
7. Reclamation 7

When a Project is created on the FOS system it is assigned to one of these 7 types and then the default icon is applied.

Default Icons: Services – The FOS system has 8 types of default Service Provider Icons:

1. Drilling/Construction bases-drilling
2. Completions/Workovers bases-completion
3. Trucking/Transportation bases-large-truck
4. Safety & Environmental bases-environmental
5. Support Services bases-support
6. Others bases-others
7. Production & Maintenance productionmaintenance
8. Water Associated Projects  water

Find Oil Services (FOS) – The website is It is a Canadian Services Company who has developed the Find Oil Services System. It is the most effective Sales Marketing Tool and system available to serve the Oil and Gas Industry.  Find Oil Services is in the process of deploying FOS System to the entire planet.  Please note that we are also developing other “GIS” based data management platforms.

Find Oil Services supports and provides all information needed by the FOS System.

It is our goal to make it fast and easy to find projects and services used every day by the Oil and Gas Industry. Find the services closest to you, and have them assist you the soonest time possible and save thousand dollars to employ.
We could show all your Clients PRECISELY where your assets are, right this minute.

FOS System – Find Oil Services System. The system is found here: The FOS system appeals to Project Managers, Service Providers, Sales Managers, Operations Mangers and most of all the CFO’s, as it will simply increase your sales and reduce your cost in the operations.

Our system is Map Based and is simply developed by our FOS Web Team, making it appropriate to use by the Project Managers and Service Providers from the Dashboard.

GPS Tracking – GPS tracking of Dynamic Assets will be a system upgrade to be delivered in the future to help you see more precisely where your assets are, right this minute! It will be faster and efficient enough to get the services that you need in no time.

Headquarters – Every company has a Headquarter(s), and when you set up your company this will be the first section that you need to complete.  This is where we send your invoices to.

Job – A Job is a work event that a Service Provider creates when his Base or Dynamic Asset is hired.  The Service Provider now has a Job.

Project – A Project is created when a Project Manager (or Service Provider) needs to hire a Base or Dynamic Asset.  Once the Project Manager hires a Service Provider the Project is now also a JOB for the Service Provider.

Please take note that your Headquarters may ALSO be a Base.  So when prompted please repeat the information for the Base.  In order to have Dynamic Assets you need to create a Base.

See example of a Headquarter icon:

hq-sc-bases-sit-1.25-cm-x-1.25-cm old

How to Videos

Icon Set – An Icon set consists of 3 types of Icons; Base, DA Present and DA Future.

Icon BASE –   legends-icons-BASE      DA Present –     legends-icons-DYNAMIC-ASSETS-NOW     DA Future – legends-icons-DYNAMIC-ASSETS-FUTURE

These Icons will serve as guide to every User of the FOS System, making easy and simple to locate and understand the features on the public map.

Invoice System – A planned system upgrade that will be featured and have the ability to generate Invoices on the field of Service Providers.   More details will be provided prior to the release of this upgrade. Tracking your invoices through the system simply automate and organize your quotes, orders and billing records through our Invoice system. It will be paperless invoice and web based to be able to view your data from anywhere you may go.

Keyword Search – The FOS System has a central “Search” function that will be used to find the most effective services.  Key words will be sold to Service Providers and when ever that Key Word is included in a search then the owner of the word will appear in the results of the search automatically.

The Key words can be purchased for Year 1 but afterwards all key words will be sold at an auction.

Level of Service (LOS) – The Level of Service level defines the Base or Dynamic Asset.  The higher the level of services (Basic, Mid-Level and Full) the greater the value offered.  See Bases and Dynamic Assets.

Map – The Map is the heart of the FOS System.  The Map will feature all of the Services being offered now and in the future, it shows where services are located with regard to your Project.

A location can offer strategic and tactical advantages. The Map will show all Projects and all Services that use our system.  The Legend has the key to all of the Icons found on the Map.

The Searches will be mapped based.  The FOS system is powerful and easy to use as it is map based. BE FOUND! and get on the Map.

Marketing – Market and advertise your Projects (Project Managers) and Services (Service Providers) online through our FOS System. Be Found and show the world where your Base location is. Feature your “Company Logo” on the system and your portal through our Banner Ads, Customized Icons and Badges. Provide your company a great Marketing features to help you show the world your assets and services online.

Mobile AssetsDynamic Assets are Mobile therefore they are mobile assets as they can move as opposed to a Base which is stationary. Providing all existing Dynamic Assets and Service Categories on the Public Map makes it easy for Projects to locate your service anywhere.

Operations – The Operations refer to the Assets and Services of your business. The FOS system will manage your operations for it is the main tool used to keep track of the projects and services on the public map. It is important and best to display the service categories of your Base(s) and DA, to show your Clients your location, where you can be of great help to their projects.

Portal – Our Portal System is amazing and useful.  It is the FOS system built INTO your own website featuring your own assets!  The Power of the Portal is amazing and it is just a starting point.  Talk to our Sales Team for insights.

Private – Means assets or projects viewable in Company setting only.  Note projects that are private are subject to a fee.

Project Managers – Are those handling active projects on the map representing on behalf of the company. Those projects may be set in “Public” (viewable) or “Private” (hidden) setting.

Project Managers are the main target of the Service Providers who may offer their services as located on public map.

Projects – Projects are created by Project Managers so that they can search for Services and Service Providers can search for and contact them directly.  There is no cost to create and register a project into the system.

There is an option to “hide”(private setting) the Project for a fee.

By registering your projects on FOS you will save TIME and MONEY!

Private – All Assets and Projects added to the map can be made Private.  This means that they can only be seen internally and not publicly on the main map.

Public – When Assets and Projects are added to the Map they are viewable or Public by default.  There are options to “hide”(private) the Asset or Project.  When an Asset or Project is public it is visible on the public map.

Referral Program – The first 500 Clients in Canada will become a part of our Referral Program as a reward for joining the site.  The Referral Program allows users to refer the FOS System to new Clients.  When the new Client signs up the Referrer receives 10% of the new clients fees as a credit to their account for future purchases in the FOS system.

Please note Early Adopters can also have their company photos featured in out How to Videos if they commit to the site prior to May 15th 2015.

Sales Management – Your business is important to us. Through our FOS system Sales is no longer a problem as you have your Assets, services and projects displayed on the Public Map, making it safe, fast and easy for the Users to acquire and deliver the services needed. Just like a dating website, you will be searched based on location and if they get interested they will contact you. It is as easy as using the new FOS system, it is fast and easy and we will not allow your time to be wasted because “Time is Money”.

Sales and Marketing Tool – Find Oil Services (FOS) System in general is used as Sales and Marketing Tool, along with this system every User may have the option to use the Map Program and Be Found! in every Search online.

Sample Page – Sample page(s) are provided to guide all Users who register an account on the FOS system. Created to make it explicit to Project Managers and Service Providers upon using the System. You may also check our How To page to be able to clearly see and understand FOS processes.

Service Category – Is a comprehensive list of the company’s Assets and Services. The Oil and Gas Industry always involve services, therefore it may include accounting, mechanic, plumber, and many more. It is important to clearly identify and state the services and the category of your asset.

You need to register every service and category on your database to be found on the Public Map.

The Service categories of your company will be your product displayed on the market which is Map based through our reliable FOS System.

Service Providers – A Service Provider is one who has Services that are used in the oil and gas industry.  A Service Provider may also be a Project Manager as many larger Service Providers often employ subcontractors and the best way to do that is to place a Project into the Map!

Static Business Location – Headquarter(s) and Base(s) are Static business location. Your business should be located strategically or should be located in its origin. Offices, establishments that are non-moving are considered as static location. Being part of the system you will be easily accessed by Project Managers searching for services in your area, therefore it is important to input your Headquarter(s) location which can also be a Base location.

Viewing Mode: Projects – When a Project is created it is automatically added to the Map.  The project is there for all to see.  The Project Manager has the option to “hide” the project from the Map for a Fee.  When the project is hidden Service Providers cannot search for it.

A button called “Private” and “Public” are provided as an option of Project Managers whether to keep their project “hidden” and or “visible” to all Service Providers on the Map. Oil and Gas Projects get a lot of offers from different services online, it always involve huge amount of Time and Money. As Projects evolve the Project Managers may have the option to keep their viewing mode discreet.

Viewing Mode: Services – It is important for Service Providers to provide all information as to Bases and Dynamic Assets location is concerned. To be viewable or seen on the Public Map viewing mode should be on a Public setting or else your Assets and services will not be found in every search.

Dynamic Assets attached to a Base may have a lot of Moving Assets and different Service Categories, all information about your location or area may only be seen if you have chose the Level of Service that applies more to your business.