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Find Oil Services offers so much for our Users. The FOS system appeals to Operations, Sales and Project Managers. While the system is focused on Projects and Service Assets we also offer the following for our Users to take advantage of.

PLEASE NOTE: the first 15 companies to sign up in each Service Category we will offer a 12 month subscription for the price of 9 months.

Ad Page Creation

An Ad page is a full page description of your Company that will automatically appear whenever a User clicks on your Base.

Ad Page Creation


Custom Icon

Differentiate your company from the rest of the competitors by creating a custom Icon. Custom Icons are 25% bigger and can be built to order.

Custom Icon
Company Logo
by quote


Banner Ads

We have 2 types of Banner Ads, Spatial and Rotational. The Rotational ads just conitnously role at the top of the page. The Spatial add appear when the User is looking near to your Bases.

Rotational Ad
Spatial Ads



Our Portal System is amazing and useful. It is the FOS system built INTO your own website featuring your own assets! The Power of the Portal is amazing and it is just a starting point. Talk to our Sales Team for insights.

Initial Setup Fee
Monthly Fee


Keyword Search

When you purchase a Key Search word your company will come up every time your Key Word is searched. Key words can be purchased until July 2016, on August 1, 2016 all Key words will be auctioned off.

Key Search word until July 2016