Project Managers

The FOS System is a powerful project management tool for Project Managers and it is F R E E to use.

  • Sign up in minutes and add your Headquarters and Field Offices.
  • Create a project, select its category and add it to the Map.
  • Find the businesses closest to your project, work locally to save time and money and increase good will.
  • Send out a request of service in less than a minute to 12 closest companies that provide that service.
  • Know in advance where strategic services are located to help you estimate your costs and to line up services more cost effectively.

Using the FOS System will save you many hours on each project that you undertake, this reduces your personal costs and the system will further save your project money by uses local and competitive services.

“Time is Money” and this site can save time and money for every project that is created on this system.  The site will be as easy to use as a dating website and cost about the same.

Who will use the System?
How to add Assets to our System
Register on the site?
What does it all cost?
The advantage of joining early!

Using this system will simply save Project Managers time and lower their costs and it will help Service Providers to very inexpensively advertise their businesses and the location of their assets to those that it matters MOST TO!