Service Providers

Sales, Account and Asset Managers; the FOS system is a powerful, visual tool that shows both your Team and your Clients precisely where your Bases and Dynamic Assets are and who their contacts are and WHERE they will be in the FUTURE, there is no better asset visualization tool:

  • Would you like your Clients and potential Clients to know precisely what assets are where at all times?
  • Would you like your TEAM to know precisely where your assets are and what is their status at all time? (WE CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN)
  • Do you think that if your crew is 100km closer to a project that you have a competitive advantage?
  • Is it easier to know where your assets are when they are on a MAP?
  • Want to find Projects near to you to make an effective Sales call?
  • The system gives you complete control of your assets and has a portal that you can use inside of your own website!
  • See our Brochure for more or Contact Us!

The FOS system is a powerful Asset Visualization tool, easy to use, fast and powerful.  “Time is Money” and this site can save time and money for every job that your company undertakes.

Who will use the System?
How to add Assets to our System
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What does it all cost?
The advantage of joining early!

Using this system will simply save Project Managers time and lower their costs and it will help Service Providers to very inexpensively advertise their businesses and the location of their assets to those that it matters MOST TO!